Stival Pinot Grigio '07

Country: Italy
Thoughts: If you don't mind, I'll skip the inane one-liners and jokes for the night. Just not into it when the real world intrudes, as it sometimes does. A former wrestler that I used to cover was a victim in a most unspeakable crime; though his passing is a sad event for me, I grieve more for the kids and coaches and family who are forever changed because of this. I pray for them all. But I've made a commitment here and, with a heavy heart (and some internal debate about whether a post here is even appropriate), we press on. This wine was a treat from beginning to end. A strong, vibrant nose, even with a touch of honey. The honey came through initially, but it mellowed into a dry, enjoyable drink. But, for me, this kind of flipped pinots on their head; that telltale citrus taste was dominant, not the sweet fruitiness. The finish was more honey, though lighter than the nose and in the initial taste. A very different and interesting wine.
Do-over? Yes
Final Grade: A-

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