Gatao Vinho Verde

Country: Portugal
Thoughts: So there's a cat on the label - hard to see because of the unavoidable glare - which is why Grace the cat also appears. Plus "el gato" is Spanish for cat, so I'm guessing the Portuguese add an "a" in there for some reason. This wine had a similar problem as the white below: poor labeling which left me unsure what I was drinking. Perhaps it was because it came right after trying the rather dry V-Solo, but the sweetness in the Gatao hit me like a roundhouse. "Jarring" may be about the right word for it; it seemed to fall just shy of riesling. The nose offered no clue either, as it was quiet. And the finish was, well, unusual. After each sip - and I mean every one - it burned going down the hatch. Again, that could be some sort of reaction with what I ate or drank prior to that, but it was not a fun experience. If my wife likes it, perhaps it's worth getting again and retrying. Maybe my impressions would change... maybe not.
Do-over? Not unless a fire extinguisher is handy
Final Grade: D+


Stormy said...

Yay!! Grace!!

Anonymous said...

I liked it - but do agree that it was on the sweeter side. I will try it again tonight and let you know my thoughts. Hustle's Wife

Elaine said...

I bought this wine yesterday, only because of the cat on the bottle, and I absolutely love it. It has a slight sparkle to it- not enough to really be a sparkling wine, but enough to notice. It is so light and fresh, and has a very clean feeling. Even my husband liked it and he is not a wine drinker! We finished the bottle yesterday and I went back to buy another today. Love, love, love this wine!