Charles Shaw Sauvignon Blanc '06

Country: USA
Region: Napa
Thoughts: My original plan was to review this wine yesterday - you know, when April Fool's jokes were still fashionable. Unfortunately, I came home with a splitting headache, ending any chance at a wine tasting. So rather than keep it around for another year, I figured it'd be better a day late than 364 days late. For those of you unfamiliar with wine, this is Charles Shaw Sauvignon Blanc, a regal-enough name, no? One might think so - at least until you heard its nickname. Yes, this is the famous - or infamous? - Two-Buck Chuck, named for its, uh, affordability. (In reality, this bottle cost me like $3.50. I guess it's pricier here in the east.) My wife told me I'd be surprised by the wine; you can tell by the location of the photo just how low my expectations were. But she was right; for its price, it was pretty damn good - with a few caveats. Chief among them was the nose, which nearly confirmed my suspicions before wine ever reached tongue. The bouquet - if you can call it that - was rubbery and rough. The taste, however, did a 180 from the nose. The wine was light and fruity to the point that I questioned whether it was really sauvignon blanc. This is now the 14th sauvignon blanc I've tasted; this was unlike any of the previous ones - worlds away, really. There was even a little something - hardly detectable, but there - to the finish, which is more than can be said for a good number of wines we've tried on here. So I hope you'll accept my apologies for the photo shoot; I was dead wrong on this one.
Do-over? For the price, you can't beat it; no wonder I was the only one carrying a single bottle out of Trader Joe's
Final Grade: B

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