Crossings Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc '06

Country: New Zealand
Thoughts: I had read and heard good things about Crossings, so I was anticipating the chance of getting to open it up. OK, anticipating isn't the right word; I couldn't wait to try the wine, but was dreading actually opening it. Those damn screw-tops have given me a hell of a battle as of late - a source of considerable amusement to my wife who, of course, cranks the things open with an effortless flick of the wrist. Cripes. Anyway... I did look forward to trying this and initially it didn't disappoint. The bouquet was lush, almost overwhelming in a good way. On the tongue, there was a delectable combination of citrus and herbs that managed a nice balance, too; intense dryness and acidity were, thankfully, absent. Sadly, it was missing a certain pop to it. The taste was fine enough, but I kept waiting to be wowed by something. Nothing stepped forward; no flavor was particularly compelling and the finish was virtually absent. And that's the most disappointing aspect - that this wine felt like it was on the cusp of something wonderful but fell off on the follow-through.
Do-over? Sure; despite my criticism, it was still a decent wine
Final Grade: B

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