Sawtooth Pinot Gris '04

Country: USA
Region: Idaho
Thoughts: This wine gave me a chance to thank two of the most important fellow fellas in my life: my brother-in-law Mark (and his wife, Maya) who absolutely rock in a resort area in Idaho, which brings us to this wine. (Mark, notice I didn't say town, which would indicate Ketchum, which is not where you are.) It also displays my brand-new XBox 360, which was a gift from my pal Matt, who gains no knowledge whatsoever from this blog (it's cool dude, you still kick ass in my book). At any rate, the bouquet of this wine was quite intensely pinot grigio-ish, which by instinct gave me pause. (Like one of those 'if it's too good to be true, it probably is' moments.) Indeed, the wine did not live up to the colorful nose it gave off. The taste was moderately fruity, but the crispness/spiciness was too much. Calling it harsh would be overly critical, but that crispness prevented it from becoming an A-grade wine. (And, for the record, Sawtooth - located in Nampa - is a 190-mile drive from Ketchum, a large part of which I have actually driven.)
Do-over? When I want to represent for my brother-in-law, which I am happy to do
Final Grade: B

EDITED to note that originally, I incorrectly listed the varietal for this wine. The wine is actually a pinot gris; the headline and the label have been corrected as well.

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Mark said...

Nice! Believe it or not, but I have not tried this one yet! With Maya being prego and all our wine consuption has dropped considerably! I'll have a beer or two, but having a glass of wine in front of her might earn me a place on the couch! I love reading this blog! I will come back to these reviews in September when we start drinking wine again and try all the good ones!
Winewoot looked good this week! All whites!

Take care!