VPA Special: Lindemans Bin 95 Sauvignon Blanc '07

Country: Australia
Thoughts: First off, an apology for not getting to any wines in the past week. With a brutal schedule at work, I just couldn't pull off any more thinking and writing than I already had. Fortunately, the weekend presented a perfect opportunity to add a wine not currently in the queue: Lindemans, an Australian selection that was one of a handful of full-bottle choices at Saturday night's Virginia Press Association banquet in Roanoke. The wine had been chilled in an ice bath before it was handed to me; perhaps the serving temperature was a bit low. There was a fruity nose in there somewhere - a bit fruitier than the sauvignon blancs I've had before - but I had to work for it. Take a sniff, let it sit, swirl it around. Repeat. After a few minutes, the bouquet began to show itself. The taste suffered the same sort of disappearing act. The fruitiness that the nose had promised was muted; the telltale earthiness muted even more than the fruitiness. What was left was a bland, sweet-ish wine with almost zero character. This grades low because of that, but I reserve the right to revisit the grade if I can retry it at a slightly higher serving temp.
Do-over? In the interest of completeness of grades, yes
Final Grade: C-

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