Alfio Moriconi Doulce Vouvray White Loire '06 (No. 50)

Country: France
Thoughts: As I've noted more than once here, I tend to shy away from sweeter wines (like the rieslings I've had) and gravitate toward the dryer grapes. So it was quite interesting for me to try this vouvray; the nose came across as dry and slightly floral, but the taste tended toward sweet. "Tend" is the operative word, because there was a noticeable balance between sweet and dry. I'd put it at 65-35 sweet over dry. The sweetness seemed to come from a distinct fruitiness, but not the sort of fruitiness that I'd be able to pick out (a trait that, admittedly, is one of my shortcomings generally). Instead, it was fruity in a fruit salad kind of way; there's a common theme to be found, but picking out individual characteristics is considerably more difficult. I got the hint of some structure, but nothing that really grabbed my attention. (One final housekeeping note for those of you playing along at home: This wine appears to be made by someone named Jean-Claude Bougrier, but my complete lack of French translation skills leaves me unable to figure out just who made it.)
Ingredients: 100 percent chenin blanc
Do-over? My wife seems to like this a lot, and I like my happy home. So yes. (The sign says, "Love, Honor And Negotiate".)
Final Grade: B-
EDITED for a more specific name; a change in the label and the ingredient list

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