Oak Leaf Chardonnay

Country: USA
Region: California
Thoughts: I must admit I had a reason for buying this wine. (The lack of a vintage year should tell it's of lesser quality.) The cynic in me was crying for blood. I was tired of being a nice guy with these wines; sure, I've been as forthright as I could have been with you. Most have been decent, some exceptional, a few just sucked. But I was looking for a wine that I knew was going to suck, just so I could tear it to shreds; you know, let out the inner Philly in me. So I picked up this treasure, a $3 special (yes, really, $3) from Wal-Mart. If any wine was doomed to fail, it was this one. Unfortunately, the wine below beat me to the punch. I used all my bullets there, for I've never had a worse wine in my life. The Oak Leaf was no winner by any means; the bouquet was reminiscent of old, funky ice cubes; the taste was muted fruitiness at first, but quickly turned weird and unpalatable. After my third sip, I was done. For two sips anyway, it outclassed the "award-winning" Montes - which probably says more about the Montes than it does the Oak Leaf.
Do-over? I can't envision a scenario in which I'm that desperate
Final Grade: D-

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