Dr. Thanisch Riesling '05

Country: Germany
Thoughts: First, it's been a busy week, so I've had precious little time to get to the wines that await me; my apologies for that. Second, since I've already tried out wines from my home area, it was high time to give a ride from the land of my ancestors. Third, I'm happy to report that Dr. Thanisch's wine isn't nearly the disaster that the Cup race turned out to be. (I'm typing this at 11:53 EST, while NASCAR - in Fontana, Calif. - is pondering whether to resume an oft-delayed race. From the time the pic was taken, they only completed 55 more laps before the rains came yet again.) Right, the wine. I'm finding that rieslings aren't much my cup of tea; they're nice as a changeup, but I'm finding it hard to just sit and enjoy one, not like the pinot grigios or even the sauvignon blancs. This was no different. For a riesling, it was decent: The taste was typically sweet but hardly over the top. A second glass wouldn't have been difficult to stomach, though I opted for dessert instead. The front and back ends weren't very notable, however. I detected a slight whiff of honey, but mostly it was like trying to find the nose in a glass of water. On the finish, the sweetness just kind of faded to nothing. Maybe there's a riesling out there that will get me excited to write about; this wasn't one of them, though it was good for what it was.
Do-over? I think I'll be sticking mostly to the dryer whites
Final Grade: B-


ME said...

I think I'm going to start using you as my excuse when I turn down the wine samples at the Olive Garden.

"Um, no thanks. That received a C- at Hustle's Wine on Trial. You can do better than that."

Brian said...

Or you could tell them that you prefer quality wines, since you can get most of their wine at Wal-Mart.

Trust me, I looked. But that's for a future post.