A change in the ranking system (UPDATED)

I was so blown away by La Baronne that I felt like I needed to add a new category. It really wasn't in the same category as Laforet or even Evolution.

As a result, I've added a final grade of A+. The catch is that there will only ever be one wine that grades that high. If I come across a wine I find better than La Baronne, it will get knocked back to an "A" grade.

So, for now, La Baronne is your champion.

The quest now is to find someone up to the challenge of knocking it off...

EDIT to add this: Silly me last night for failing to thank our cool-as-hell bartenders at Clyde's last night, who were kind enough to let me snap pics of the bottles. They insisted I wasn't being a pain in the ass, but I wanted to thank them anyway.

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