Galen Glen Winter Mountain Wine

Country: USA
Region: Pennsylvania
Thoughts: The first of four wines from the vineyard nearest my hometown; my region and my wife's region are represented in the pic. Some research shows that this wine is made mostly with the cayuga, a grape developed at Cornell and used mostly by east-coast wineries. I was taken by how light the wine was; obviously, drinking what I do, there's variation between straw and light straw. Even so, this came as close to looking like water as I've seen. A few sniffs revealed nothing terribly special; it wasn't really floral but wasn't a turn-off, either. The taste was sweet and drinkable, yet I couldn't help but feel there should have been something more. It didn't take me anywhere; it was just kind of, well, there. A fleeting hint of spiciness came with the finish, but was unnoticeable beyond the first sip. In all honesty, it was better than I was expecting; no one will confuse the Lehigh Valley with Napa, the Columbia Valley or the Willamette Valley. Yet it still hurts that I can't rate it higher; I want the folks at Galen Glen to know that I appreciate what they're doing and where they're doing it. Can it stand up to La Baronne and Laforet and Evolution? No. I guess, in the end, I'll have to be satisfied knowing the folks near my hometown put out a very drinkable wine.
Do-over? Yes, for hometown pride and a good combination of price and drinkability
Final Grade: C+

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