Galen Glen Vidal Blanc (UPDATED)

Country: USA
Region: Pennsylvania
Thoughts: I really like this photo and the one below it; the wine is from near my hometown (it's made in Andreas), while the background is a sign from my wife's hometown in Oregon. I wanted to put this up here because I did try it; but honestly, I couldn't get a read on the flavor at all. I don't know if the sweetness of the Winter Mountain doomed my tastebuds or what, but I just couldn't discern anything worthwhile from the taste. The nose was mostly citrus - and mostly grapefruit at that - but beyond that, I really have nothing of value in my notes. So I'll give this a second go-around in the next few days and edit this post once I can make some sort of determination.
Thoughts (part 2): I tried it again earlier tonight, this time without having any food or drink on my tongue. It reminded me of the pinot grigios I've had, but without a range of flavors. Like there was one flavor, one you'd typically find in a pinot grigio, but that was it: orange. With a pinot, I have trouble sorting through all the notes; with this, all I could think of was that damn Discover commercial, where the glowing orange ball bounces down the street, attracting smiles from attractive ladies and getting splashed by the corner grocer. At least the ending was true to the beginning, as there was plenty of orange there too. It had a nice balance overall, but like the Winter Mountain, left me wanting more. I wound up having two glasses and, by the end, I was ready for something fresh.
Do-over? I can't see it happening
Final Grade: C-

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