Anakena Sauvignon Blanc '07

Country: Chile
Thoughts: Not long ago, I took a look at Anakena Chardonnay, and there's a reason why we have the sauvignon blanc, too. We usually do our big wine shopping on Saturdays; that happens to be the day that our local Total Wine does its tastings. They'll have a few samples of reds and whites available; you get a coupon if you pick up one of the sampled offerings. My wife and I both liked the Anakena offerings - chard and sauv blanc - so we got a bottle of each. If I remember right, I liked the chard (but, looking back at the grade, I guess I didn't like it that much). On this one, the wine's nose caught me off guard: no real smell of earthiness, no real smell of cat piss either (thankfully). But it wasn't a completely sweet smell, either. The taste followed suit: The wine did come across sweeter than I expected but was also surprisingly tart. My problem with this was - much like the Conundrum, the taste didn't hold off. Even with a readjusted palette, it didn't take but a few sips before it just felt flat and a little watery. Occasionally I'd get a glimpse of something on the middle of my tongue, but the wine held little value for the tip of the tongue.
Do-over? Doubtful for me, anyway, since my wife seemed to like it
Final Grade: C+

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