Gordon Brothers Sauvignon Blanc '06

Country: USA
Region: Columbia Valley, Wash.
Thoughts: I'm glad this wine met the standards of the guy helping us out at Total Wine. This was one of the few wines he praised, and now I understand why. The nose was largely earthy with a hint of fruitiness, though I'm happy to report there was no hint of cat piss anywhere! (I had cleaned out Hank's litterbox - this guy here - earlier in the day, so this was a pleasant development.) The flavor was a lot sweeter than I'd expected; there was some dryness but it was mostly smooth and fruity - a nice change from the previous sauvignon blancs I've had. At first, the finish was explosive, almost like the La Baronne; but in time, it mellowed, making it a smooth, drinkable wine. Really, this was the only note I had that mattered: I'll have another.
Do-over? For the high quality and low price, this is a no-brainer
Final Grade: B+

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