Bandon Pinot Grigio '04

Country: USA
Region: Southern Oregon
Thoughts: I fear that my thoughts on this wine will be largely inconsequential. Its domain name (bandonwinery.com, per the cork) has expired and I can find no information on the winery through a number of Google searches. But I press on for what it's worth: The nose was typically pinot grigio, though it seemed to be overwhelmed by an oaky smell, which singlehandedly prevented me from getting any other scents from coming through. The taste was markedly different; the oakiness came through, but was much more subtle. The dominant note was fruitiness, what seemed to be mellons to be me. In subsequent sips, the oakiness and the fruitiness seemed to alternate taking center stage.
Do-over? Perhaps, if I could confirm the vineyard still existed
Final Grade: B-

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