Luna Pinot Grigio '06

Country: USA
Region: Napa
Thoughts: In many ways, good and bad, this was a typical pinot grigio (at least based on my experience). The bouquet was fruity and inviting and wasn't far off from what I expected. The taste was zesty on the front of the tongue, mellow in the areas further back, light all around. The finish was typically dry, but with an unexpected hint of honey. In all, it was what I expected: a fruity, likeable drink. I suppose it may be best to just admit that - in my wine life, anyway - I was born and raised a pinot grigio guy. At the same time, I fear that may be premature; I find it hard to commit to one grape when I've yet to experience a wine that grabs hold, captures the imagination and won't let go. I'll keep looking, but this one, good in its own right, fell short of such a label.
Do-over? It's a pinot grigio; what do you think?
Final Grade: B

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