Monkey Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc '06

Country: New Zealand
Thoughts: My wife and I first tried Monkey Bay during an outing to Wegman's up in Ashburn. My wife fell for it immediately; I wasn't nearly as big of a fan. I mostly sat on the sidelines with the first few bottles we had, but jumped in feet first to add another one to the reviews. My opinion of it changed slightly, but not a whole lot. The nose was uninspiring; it smelled, for lack of a better term, like wine. There was also a hint of cat piss, though I couldn't be sure if it was the wine or Hank, whose litter box I'd cleaned out earlier in the night. (And no, I'm really not making up the cat piss thing; read the consumer reviews box and check this link as well.) The taste was earthy, almost chewy, like you'd expect a hardy stout to be. It was mellow on the middle and back of my tongue, but rough as nails on the front. The finish was dry - and barely that - but not much else. So what's different now? I found it to be drinkable enough, but nothing I'd especially look forward to. Heading into the second glass, it felt like I was drinking just to drink, not because I was getting any sort of adventure from the wine. Then again, I polished off the bottle, so I guess that counts for a bit of a mixed result.
Do-over? Yes, for my lovely wife, but not really for me
Final Grade: C+

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