Rosa Bianca Pink Pinot Grigio '07

Country: Italy
Thoughts: Well, if Grace the cat didn't have such dark fur, and if I could figure out how to work a freaking camera phone, then we wouldn't have such crappy photos. At any rate, this seemed to be a rather unusual wine when we picked up a few weeks ago: a pinot grigio, but rose! Seemed gimmicky, but I was down with giving it a try. As it turns out, we weren't disappointed. My lovely wife astutely pointed out that the nose was like that of any pinot grigio; I concurred that the nose was very inviting. On first taste, it seemed a little drier to me; my wife believed that this was some of the red wine coming out. But it mostly tasted like a pinot grigio with hints of strawberry. Good and smooth. We didn't know quite what to expect, but wound up finding a pleasant little surprise.
Ingredients: I looked all over the place and couldn't find any info.
Do-over? Sure, when we're in the mood for something off-the-wall
Final Grade: B

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