7 Heavenly Chards '05

Country: USA
Region: California (Lodi)
Winemaker: Michael~David Winery
Thoughts: When my wife first informed me that folks actually play a State Of The Union drinking game, I was up for it. But by the time I got my journal together, opened a new bottle, wrote down all the vital statistics and poured a glass, President Bush had already issued both of his veto threats and had moved on to push for No Child Left Behind re-authorization - which, you may know, is a big deal in our house. (Anyone else notice Sen. Kennedy, convienently seated next to Sen. Obama, not applauding after Bush's mention? Hmmmm.) But hey, this blog's about the wine. Just like the sauvignon blanc before, I was hesitant to get back on board with a California chardonnay after being quite disappointed my last time out. But jump aboard I did, and I was glad I did. The nose was most unique: at first it felt like I was about to embark on a glass of Glenlivet, minus the telltale smell of hard alcohol. I was torn between just what the bouquet was. Glenlivet? Vanilla? At any rate, it was quite unexpected. The taste was too, oaky but not overpowering. The lack of a noticeable finish was disappointing, but I was impressed with how smooth it was, how mellow it was, how low key it was. A great sipping wine in my eyes, and most definitely a pleasant surprise.
Do-over? Certainly, if I can find it again (it was a close-out special at World Market)
Final Grade: B+

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