Evolution No. 11 (No. 25)

Country: USA
Region: Oregon
Winemaker: Sokol Blosser
Thoughts: If Big Fire was my wine awakening, then Evolution was my wine epiphany. It started innocently enough at a fancy restaurant in downtown Bend, Ore. I was asked for input on a wine for the evening, and Evolution sounded interesting enough. From the first sip, I was hooked. The bouquet and taste and fruity with persistent - but secondary - honey notes. The taste is much the same; the fruitiness dominates, but not in such a way that it becomes sweet like a riesling. It's just sweet enough. The finish is dry and clean. In short, I've found it to be very drinkable over the long haul (a wine version of Yuengling for me) with continued good taste. Clean, crisp, refreshing, excellent.
Ingredients: White riesling, pinot gris, Muller-Thurgau, semillon, gewurztraminer, muscat, pinot blanc, sylvaner, chardonnay
Do-over? So long as I have Dr. Z's blessing (bottom of the page)
Final Grade: A


ME said...

Look at you getting the publicity!!!

Dr. Z rules. He picked the Giants.

Mark said...

This is Maya's favorite, although I thought it was evlolution number 9?