Rosenblum Kathy's Cuvée Viognier '06

Country: USA
Region: California (Alameda)
Thoughts: I had seen several different references to viognier, so I was eager to try it; I had no idea what to expect. The nose caught me completely off guard; coming off two glasses of the Luna Pinot Grigio I was expecting something similar. But this was considerably different; the bouquet was dominated by apple and citrus aromas. Really, the wine threw me a curveball. On the first few sips, I would've thought it was just a notch or two below riesling on the sweetness scale. But not long after, the wine seemed as dry as anything. There were a lot of flavors to work through - the apple was the most noticeable - but those individual flavors seemed muddled together and unusually difficult to discern (as you can tell from my vague descriptions, I struggle with that as a matter of course). What really hurt this wine from my standpoint is that there was no finish at all. With a limited exposure to viognier, I'm not certain if that's an across-the-board characteristic or one limited to this selection. At any rate, that was a terrible disappointment.
Do-over? Not unless I can't find a better example of viognier
Final Grade: C+
(EDITED to correct the typo adeptly pointed out by my lovely wife)

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The wife said...

I disagree with my lovely husband. I thought the wine was wonderful and had a very complex and enjoyable flavor - didn't "throw me a curveball" at all. Sorry - I love to catch spelling mistakes - as he always catches mine!