Washington Hills Riesling '05

Country: USA
Region: Columbia Valley, Wash.
Thoughts: Somewhere in the recesses of my mind is a memory of me trying and liking riesling. This was before I ever took wine seriously, so I was unsure how the memory stacked up with what I know of wine now; all I remembered that riesling was sweet. So it was with this backdrop that we popped open Washington Hills' version. The nose was vibrant, almost alive with fragrance; in a similar vein, though more intense, than several of the pinot grigios I've had. The taste sure was sweet; it didn't disappoint in that area. I had to shake off the initial shock of it, much like one might do after that initial shot of whiskey. You shake your head, settle everything down and get back in the game. Once I did that, I noticed an clear-cut apple taste (I guess not surprising for a Washington riesling) with notes of honey and caramel as well. I was able to get past the overwhelming fruitiness and sweetness in three sips; from then out, it turned smoother and crisper, but it never let me forget the sweetness. "That's riesling, honey," my wife said. Indeed.
Do-over? Yes, when I'm looking for something bolder
Final Grade: B+

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