Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio '06

Country: Italy
Thoughts: Given the recommendations from our friends over at SJ.com, I had to give this wine a shot. It's a little pricier than normal - $20 a bottle (my top-ranked Laforet chard was only $15) - but hey, it's only money. The nose was interesting, quite fruity with an earthy undertone. The first few sips were much the same; considerable fruitiness before a dry component kicked in. Unfortunately, the duality didn't last; in time, the dryness came through while the fruitiness disappeared. It was still a darn good wine, don't get me wrong - an excellent sipping wine that would be wonderful on a muggy summer night. But, in my estimation at least, the last sip wasn't nearly as satisfying as the first one. Something in the wine left me wanting for a little more.
Do-over? Certainly, when the mood strikes us and our pocketbooks don't disagree
Final Grade: B+

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Anonymous said...

If you're looking for a better Italian Pinot Grigio, try Maso Canali. It's slightly less expensive, and has more complex aromas and flavors.