World Market

Here's the situation: My lovely wife (and occasional commenter) is away for the weekend - staff retreat on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Her husband suddenly has some time on his hands.

So this afternoon, I stroll into World Market and look for some wine for the weekend.

What a disappointment. If you don't want red and you don't want chardonnay, you're in for tough sledding. I picked one wine I knew I liked - more on that when I put up the review - one I figured I'd like and one I have no freaking idea if I'll like.

But it was quite the chore just to get to those three.

No more World Market for me. I'll stick to Total Wine and other specialty stores, thanks.

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ME said...

I sure wish we could play each other is some sort of Xbox game, as I'm still on my 3 week "vacation" from the better half. This is why I'm commenting at 2:54 AM. My thumbs are too sore to keep playing. :)