Sobon Estate Sauvignon Blanc '06

Country: USA
Region: California (Plymouth)
Thoughts: Thanks to my wife, first off, for holding the wine near some pending legislation; however, she asked me not to reveal what exactly it is you're looking at. Anyway, on with it: This was recommended during our last trip to Total Wine; the price was right, so we took a chance. There was that typical earthy sauvignon blanc bouquet, but with a notable addition: coffee. It wasn't that entrancing aroma that draws you back to a certain aisle in the supermarket, but the smell was definitely there. The taste, at first, was a tad disappointing; it too was earthy and lightly sweet, but there was a muted quality to it. The crisp, spicy finish made up for it a bit, though it was hardly to the caliber of La Baronne. Still, it was quite a departure from the initial sip. In subsequent tastes, the finish wasn't quite as strong - as one might expect - but it held up through the entire glass.
Do-over? Yes, especially since my wife really seemed to enjoy her quick taste
Final Grade: B

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