Anakena Chardonnay '07

Country: Chile
Thoughts: As I put more distance between myself and the Simi chard, I'm less and less hesitant to pull the trigger on trying a new one. Plus this was from Chile (my 16th import), so I was hopeful from the start. The nose was a source of consternation, though. I took like 10 whiffs and still couldn't figure out what the hell I was smelling. After four tries, I formulated two ideas - "wet dog" and "Hawaiian Tropic" - but neither came close to being a full descriptor. So I leaned on my wife, the wine expert of the family, and she settled on "orange blossoms" and "honey." (The latter left me a bit confused, as I thought she was calling me.) The taste belied the bouquet - in my mind anyway - and the citrus fruitiness really came through. It finished dry and slightly puckery; though that may have just been me, as I was coming off of dessert 20 minutes earlier. Despite the great start, the fruitiness wasn't sustained, and my puckering became more and more pronounced. That was a big downer, especially since the wine had started off so well.
Do-over? Maybe
Final Grade: B-

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