Falanghina Dei Feudi Di San Gregorio '06

Country: Italy
Thoughts: Just like the Waterbrook below, I found the nose to be very muted; that got me wondering if my sniffer was on the fritz. Maybe so, but this wine more than made up for it on the first sip. I was blown away with fruity flavor and spiciness - there's a "Wow!" in my notes. It's like this wine grabbed your attention and held it; within a few seconds, I'd forgotten that I hadn't gotten much information from the bouquet. By itself, the finish was nothing to write home about; but this wine made it clear that taste was what mattered, not anything before or after. The fruitiness and the spiciness had a nice balance, and I had a feeling of structure to this wine. What's more, this wine seemed to go great with the post-dinner Don Diego I enjoyed. Despite the strength of a cigar, this wine held up but never was overpowering.
Do-over? Uh, yeah
Final Grade: A-

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