Georges Debouef Chardonnay '05

Country: France
Thoughts: In my mind, the worst description I can give a wine is that it gave me what I expected. I've said previously that that is not my goal, unless a certain wine will be a baseline for future tastings. Failing to meet that criterion, Debouef gets a low grade from me, because it's exactly what I expected from a chardonnay: a hint of fruitiness, occasional signs of butter and that telltale dryness you get from chards. The only thing saving it from a lower grade was the bouquet, which hinted at better things that the taste did not deliver. The nose was fresh, almost flowery, which hints of fruitiness and vanilla. It is worth noting that the bottle did sit in our wine rack for some time; perhaps I'll get a more fresh tasting at some point down the line. But for now, this wine sits in the lower half of the class.
Do-over? Not when Laforet is available
Final Grade: C+

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