Barone Fini Valdadige Pinot Grigio '06

Country: Italy
Thoughts: In fairness, I bought this wine largely because I thought it was connected to La Baronne. (Yes, I know they're spelled differently and yes, I know they're from different countries entirely. But when you had the experience I did with La Baronne - the only A+ rated wine I've ever tried - you jump at the chance, particularly when it's on sale, as this was at Total Wine. So what if I failed miserably.) On its own, this wine held up serviceably (is that even a word?). Unlike the Sawtooth, the Barone's bouquet was subtle to the point that any elements were barely perceptible. The taste followed suit: mellower, less spiciness, the whole deal. The finish followed suit too: modest with a bit of excitement, though barely noticeable in the grand scheme. Trying Sawtooth then Barone was a bit of a challenge, but I came away with the knowledge that Barone was a perfectly acceptable wine for what it is: the old version of pinot grigio which - compared to Sawtooth anyway - was a much preferred version for me.
Do-over? Certainly, especially when it's on sale
Final Grade: B

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