The Lodge Hill Riesling '04

Country: South Africa
Thoughts: Maybe it's just the late hour or the lack of sleep, but I'm not too high on any of the wines we sampled this evening. The nose was sweet (duh) but there was an undercurrent of oakiness. I was, however, expecting a little more sweetness - it's a riesling, after all. The wine itself wasn't horrible; but a largely unnoticeable taste beyond the oakiness provided a reason for pause. The grassy finish was an interesting way to end a sip - certainly something I'd not experienced before. It occurred to me that this wine would provide a superb reason for taking a break on a hot Sunday afternoon - as we're scheduled to have - still, like the one below it, it left something to be desired. It was drinkable, but I was hoping for a little better wine experience, if you know what I mean.
Do-over? On days like this - 91 degrees at 10:42 a.m. - it'd be hard to go wrong
Final Grade: C
EDITED to make the thing semi-readable. I had considerable difficulty keeping myself awake while I typed this, so one of my goals for the day was to come back and re-read this to see if it made sense. I'm glad I did... I sounded like I was completely off the rocker.

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