Galen Glen Corkscrew Willow White

Country: USA
Region: Pennsylvania
Thoughts: Remember back when? I tried two selections from the winery nearest to my hometown; the results were varied. The truth is, we were lucky enough to receive four bottles from Galen Glen from my dad, who went shopping for them some time ago. So this is the third of three bottles and I do hope that my hometown winery can do better. I didn't really know what to expect with this; its name gave no clue as to what to expect. So I figured what the hell, tonight was as good as any - particularly since my wife was focused on the Cavit that was was still in the fridge. Though I partook of the wine before dinner, clearly it was not meant for such a spot. The nose gave it away: sweet, sweet, sweet. It was hard trying to pick anything else out of the nose - beyond sweetness and grapiness, I noticed little - and the taste was no different: sweet, sweet, sweet with an occasional hint of dryness (which, in truth, bordered on rubbery). My wife killed it; she panned the thing from the beginning. I found it moderately tolerable, though she urged me to ditch the thing quickly and move on to something. (I did, eventually, bailing on the final 1/4 of the glass to break out some Dewar's.) Really, the nose got annoying after a while; all the sweetness there and the sweetness in the taste was just too overwhelming. As I've said before, I desperately want my hometown winery to succeed; but, in all truthfulness, they came up well short in this case.
Do-over? Nope
Final Grade: D

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