Cavit Pinot Grigio '07

Country: Italy
Thoughts: From time to time, we do break out a review of some of the larger bottles that my wife (or others) drink; two long-ago examples are the Beringer and Redwood Creek. My wife is a pretty avid Cavit drinker, but even she found this a little disappointing. I can't say I disagreed. The smell, I texted to myself (hey, my logbook is buried in an unknown box somewhere) was "questionable" - something wasn't right. The taste wasn't great either; I'd love to tell you more about it, but there really isn't anything to tell. Everything was muted and really had no flavor whatsoever. Unlike the Kenwood, this had been in the real fridge for some time. Still, even with that knowledge, I was hoping for something more - the hint of something not dulled by the coldness, the promise of something exciting if it were kept at the right temp. I did not find it.
Do-over? Both other larger bottles would be better choices
Final Grade: C-

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I agree completely