MacMurray Pinot Gris '05

Country: USA
Region: California
Thoughts: I'll refer a bit to the wine below; but hey, I put these in the order that I taste them - most recent first - so I am sorry if it requires a bit of backtracking to understand what I'm talking about. The nose on the MacMurray was only slightly (and I mean slightly) less fruity than the Black Mountain below. But this one did a far better job of delivering. The taste had much more to it; the dryness was a prominent player but remained in a supporting role. In the front was fruitiness, though picking out just what was there seemed well nigh impossible (of course, I could simply be out of practice; all of this moving in cuts down on wine tasting time). But I can assure you it was there. All in all, it rolled around the tongue nicely and hit the right spots, but I'm certain I'd want a little more fruitiness from my white pinots. Just a personal preference - but then again, this whole exercise is about personal preferences, ain't it?
Do-over? Not when there are wines better suited to my taste
Final Grade: C+

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