Kendall-Jackson Sauvignon Blanc Vintner's Reserve '06

Country: USA
Region: California
Thoughts: We try to make it a point to stay away from the megawineries, just because there's so much available; why would one accept a Coors Light if a Red Hook were available at a comparable price? That's not meant to compare Kendall-Jackson to Coors Light; this K-J isn't bad, while I detest Coors Light (you know, that whole sex in a canoe thing). The wine isn't what I'd expect from a sauvignon blanc; then again, most of my recent SBs haven't been either. The bouquet was fruity with no hint of grassiness of Hankiness; the first sip - my first of the day, so perhaps an influencing factor - was quite an adventure. It went from subdued (not unexpected, since it spent the night in the fridge) to lively to a somewhat-harsh dryness. It recovered nicely, and subsequent tastes mellowed considerably. I found it to be a thoroughly drinkable wine, one that could certainly be enjoyed over the course of an evening. Will it send you into hysterics trying to find another bottle? Of course not, but that's not why you get a K-J in the first place. It does its job; that's all one can ask.
Do-over? I see no reason not to
Final Grade: B

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