King Estate Pinot Gris '06

Country: USA
Region: Oregon
Thoughts: The King Estate wine had long been on my radar; I've seen it in several places where we shop for wine - Costco and Total Wine, mainly. Since my wife is from Oregon, I'd thought it would be worth a try on multiple occasions. And, to a degree, it was. The nose (and the taste as well) had a distinct mustiness to it, almost like you'd find in a scotch. That's not necessarily a bad smell; I'd just rather get it when I'm about to drink a glass of Glenlivet. Some fruitiness came through the nose, but it was a clear second fiddle to that alcohol-y smell. The taste was to my liking. There was a bit of fruitiness to it as well, but I found it to be understated and really lacking anything beyond what first hit my taste buds. So yeah, it was good enough. But it's hard to say it was anything above good.
Do-over? Eh, perhaps
Final Grade: B-

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