Chateau de la Tour de L'Ange Bourgogne Chardonnay '07

Country: France
Thoughts: Anyway, on with it... I believe this was described to us as a white burgundy when my brother-in-law, Mark, and I sampled this at a stop off at Total Wine; it was either that or white bordeaux, and I've been having trouble remembering all weekend. At any rate, this wasn't much like the other chardonnays I've sampled; this was much more fruity and lively. The nose was citrusy, almost like you'd expect with a pinot grigio - light and, to a degree, tropical. The taste was much the same. It was more like a pinot grigio (and, in fact, better than some I've had) than anything else. The one thing that distinguished it was that it wasn't over the top in fruitiness; the lack of a fruity tsunami was welcome.
Do-over? Definitely, especially since it was a good bargain
Final Grade: B+
-- EDIT to add a better pic before recycling day; text reflects the change.

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