Black Mountain Vineyard Pinot Grigio '07

Country: USA
Region: Napa
Thoughts: A gorgeous label and my wife says you can't beat the price. Sadly, however, you can beat the taste: The nose was wonderfully fruity - tropical almost - and very vibrant. I anticipated the first sip and... well, it fell flat. My tongue seemed overrun by tannins; all of the fruitiness promised by the bouquet didn't come through when wine his taste bud. The whole experience was rather subdued, really. I should note that I took a sip from this after it had been open for a few days; it occurred to me as I was tasting that it may well have been too cold also. Perhaps a bit of warmth would have opened up some of the expected notes. So I will say I'd be willing to give this one a second go, despite its subpar performance in the first round.
Do-over? If only to get a more complete picture of the wine
Final Grade: C-

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