Luna di Luna '06

Country: Italy
Thoughts: Longtime readers know I've had a fair amount of success with blends in the past. So with my wife's recommendation, I picked up a LdL not long ago, a 70-30 mix of chardonnay and pinot grigio. The weighted presence of the chardonnay came through immediately in the nose; I can't tell you exactly what it was, but that scent was readily apparent. On the tongue, the taste was light and fluffy; probably more toward the sweeter end of what I would enjoy drinking. Despite my description, the finish featured a fair amount of pizazz. It wasn't quite to the level of La Barone - then again, I've yet to find a wine that is - but it was surprising nonetheless. Then again, maybe such a pairing of grapes would leave a finish that is of no surprise to veteran tasters.
Ingredients: 70 percent chardonnay, 30 percent pinot grigio
Do-over? Certainly; my wife's recommendation held up
Final Grade: A-

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