Kenwood Chardonnay '06

Country: USA
Region: California
Thoughts: This wasn't my pick to bust out of the wine fridge; but that's OK. My wife, rather unwittingly, chose another 2006 chardonnay from California. But not to worry; I've got to get through them all, no matter the varietal, vintage or location. (You can see the review of the first one, La Crema, just below - or here if you're browsing through the archives.) This one held its own vs. the first, except for one key area: the nose. I mean, I realize I had just finished grilling and there was a chance, however slight, that my nose was still distracted by the steaks and the wonderful seasoning on them. But my wife conferred that the nose was hiding, nowhere to be found. (And this had only recently transferred to the main fridge, so a too-cold serving temp was not an excuse.) The taste held up well; more vibrant than the former with a bit of mineral to it as well. It should be noted, however, that I can be imperceptible to certain tastes; I know this and admit my own shortcoming. The finish was above average and it seemed to be a pretty decent wine - but the lack of any sort of smell was a huge disappointment.
Do-over? Debatable, since I'm drinking wine for the entire experience
Final Grade: C+

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