Beringer Pinot Grigio '06

Country: USA
Region: Napa (St. Helena)
Thoughts: "It's not a very good wine," my wife warned as cracked open the Beringer mega-bottle (that's the standard-sized Kim Crawford in the background). "It's not good," I told her, "but it's good enough." OK, so this isn't something you'd present as a gift. But as a drink after a long day, it comes through just fine. The nose is virtually non-existent. It tastes spicy - those taste buds are a-tinglin' - and lots of flavors that all just seem to be jumbled together. Nothing stands out. After a few sips, the spiciness decreases and the drink gets a bit smoother. After all, that's what you want after a long day, right?
Do-over? At the right price (which it usually is)
Final Grade: C+

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Mark said...

Wine.woot has become an addiction for me. That said, I haven't bought anything yet but I drool everytime they post a new woot.

Have you two tried it yet? I notice they go heavy on the reds and I imagine Linds can't drink reds still. Anyhow, thanks for letting me in on the wine.woot world. Once the x-mas season is over I am going to try a few woots!

Lastly, here are a couple quick suggestions for my favorite whites!

L'Ecole - Semillon

Stag's Leap - Viognier (any viognier for that matter! Really good yet different white wine)

Any wine from Benzinger - the are a biodynamic winemaker from Sonoma. We went there on our recent vacation. Great wine, cool vineyard!