Francois Cazin Cheverny '06

Country: France
Winemaker: Louis/Dressner Selections
Thoughts: I had never heard of cheverny before sitting down at the wine bar. But our hostess recommended it, so my wife and I split a glass (she also had half a glass of the Trinity). The nose was earthy but fragrant, but the taste was quite different: the earthiness remained, but it was far sweeter than I would have guessed it would be. Sadly, the sweetness didn't linger; the earthiness seemed to become more prevalent with each passing sip. Finally, by the fifth try, the word flashed into my mind: obnoxious. There was no reason to let it linger on the tongue. When my wife wasn't looking, I took back the pinot gris.
Ingredients: 70 percent sauvignon blanc, 30 percent chardonnay
Do-over? No
Final Grade: C-
EDITED to include ingredients and change the label from Cheverny to blended; hey, I'm still getting used to French appellations.

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