Why we're here

I told my wife last night I was going to suggest a stocking stuffer: a journal that I could use for wine tasting.

But that seemed too labor-intensive; my hand craps out after a page of furious scribbling.

My job requires that I be a more adept typist. So here I am.

My goal here is to log wine tastings, primarily whites, for future reference. Simply, I want a place I can go back to and find what I liked when I'm in need of a glass.

I should state that, in the interest of full disclosure, I know very little about wine. I know what I like and have a vague idea of why I like it; I'm guessing I'll be better able to describe what I don't like.

Everyone's welcome to join the adventure, but I am simply catalogging for my own sake.

With that, let the trials begin! I hope to find a sample this afternoon (or be real bad-ass and try it at 9:32 a.m.) and have it posted tonight, at which time I'll fancy up the place a little more.

Again, welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

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