Picket Fence Chardonnay '05

Country: USA
Region: California (Sonoma)
Thoughts: The wine bar we visited for lunch had a special: all glasses of wine for $5 from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. So what the heck, why not try a wine that normally ran for $10.50? I wasn't disappointed, either. The wine welcomed me with a nose that was like a bouquet of flowers. It was a little spicy (though, like the other day, the Tuscan-Special sandwich may have had something to do with that). Yet it seemed to strike an interesting balance between dry and sweet; at times it was one, at times it was the other - sometimes during the same sip. Very nicely done, though not quite on par with yesterday's French chardonnay.
Do-over? Yes
Final Grade: A-

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