Parducci Bianco Vintage White Table Wine '05

Country: USA
Region: California (Mendocino)
Winemaker: Mendocino Wine Co.
Thoughts: I have expectations for each of the white varietals that I try. What, then, to make of something that's simply table wine? (After looking at their Web site, I see bianco is the varietal. Though I suppose if bianco was noteworthy enough, they wouldn't need to tell us it's a vintage white table wine.) The smell was unusual, like something had soured. But the taste was fine; dryness reigned but I got the sense it was a very focused dryness. All of the flavors I encountered each added subtly to the dryness in one way or another. Likewise, this left me with a bit of a pucker as well. While I appreciate what the wine seemed to try to do, I'm afraid it's not for me.
Ingredients: 51.5 percent sauvignon blanc; 42.4 percent chardonnay; 4.6 percent muscat canelli; 1.5 percent viognier (for the 2006 vintage; couldn't find '05)
Do-over? Probably not
Final Grade: B-

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