Louis Latour White Burgundy 2006 (No. 75)

Country: France
Thoughts: OK, so I feel like a bit of a dunce. I've now come to realize that some of my reviews in the past have been mislabeled, particularly as it relates to French wines. I've been relying on the front of the label to tell me what the wine is; like in the past, I simply would have called this one Pouilly-Fuisse and moved on. But with age comes wisdom and I see the error of my ways; Pouilly-Fuisse is simply the appellation, not in any way indicative of what's actually in the bottle. Hey, you live and you learn. (I've gone back and edited a few where I could; there's one remaining - the Vouvray - that will be taken care of in the next few days.) On with it: This was an interesting wine, one that my wife and I agreed to disagree on. For me, the nose was rather grapy (for lack of a better term) that seemed to indicate some sparkle as well, like something gave me the hint I'd have a flavor or two pop out at me. But that wasn't the case; it was dry, dry, dry, almost incurring a degree of puckering on the first sip. My wife found that it mellowed nicely, but I didn't see that happening. My tongue got more used to it certainly, but it was hard to get past dryness. Its bite continued to the bottom of the glass.
Do-over? As a favor to my wife
Final Grade: C

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this wine - would have given it a solid B.
Lindsay (Brian's wife)