Cloudline Pinot Gris '05

Country: USA
Region: Oregon
Thoughts: During a stop-off at lunch on Tuesday, I had the chance to sample a new one at a nearby eatery (and thanks to the kind bartender who let me snap the pic). It had been entirely too long since I'd tried a wine from the fine state of Oregon; so when I saw a pinot gris on the list from there, I thought, what the hell. The nose was fruity, just what one would expect from a pinot gris/pinot grigio; nothing too unusual, though it was pretty mellow and inviting. It didn't prepare me for the first sip, when all I could do was think, 'whoa!' The flavors were loud and bold, coming through for someone with even a severe cold. Mellon, and especially cantaloupe, loudly announced its presence; even the dryness caught my attention. Yet it was all well-balanced and proportioned. Each of the flavors were kept in check by the others. The only criticism was a lack of a notable finish, which otherwise would've catapulted this one into the elite tier.
Do-over? WineSearcher.com says it doesn't come to D.C. retailers... balls! Otherwise, yes
Final Grade: A-

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