Martin Ray Pinot Gris '06

Country: USA
Region: California (Mendocino County)
Thoughts: Why yes, it is that time again - football season. The truth is, we'd planned on having some wine, as we typically do on a Sunday evening. But simply making it through the first day of training camp was cause for celebration (in case you haven't seen the news, there's this, then this, and finally this). Thankfully, Martin Ray came through with a spectacular finish to the day. The nose was fruity, as we'd expect from a pinot grigio/pinot gris, but this seemed bolder and more alive for some reason. I can't much put a finger on it, but it seemed enticing, moreso than others I've had. (Again, maybe that was the craziness of the day.) The taste was smooth and subtle; subdued seems too strong a word since the elements were apparent, but there was a quietness to the taste. It all came alive on the finish, light at first and then - beyond even my own expectation - the full burst of flavors I'd expected earlier. I thought maybe it was a one-sip thing, but the same phenomenon happened time and again, even as my glass neared emptiness. It sounds stupid even as I write it, but that's the best way I can describe it. It's easily the best wine I've had in over a month; it falls just short of the excellent Stags Leap.
Do-over? Absolutely; a great value
Final Grade: A

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