Now & Zen Wasabi White '06

Country: France
Thoughts: I've always had decent success with blended whites: of the 10 I've ever sampled for the purposes of this blog, only two came in lower than B- and half of the top four wines (A and A+) were blends. So the Wasabi White intrigued me, particularly since its primary ingredients are grapes that don't usually stand alone in a wine (unlike chardonnay or pinot grigio). So, with high hopes, I gave it a whirl. The nose was fruity and there seemed to be a hint of vanilla (my wife found lime, but it wasn't one I was able to pick out). The taste was mostly dry - puckeringly so on the first sip - and I caught some minerality as well. The finish was non-existent; I downed the first sip and waited for something to happen. Yet there were only crickets, and even I was stunned by the silence. What really doomed this wine for me was the fact that the more I drank it, the less I liked it. Except for the worst of wines, that was not something I'd ever experienced. The other aspect that troubled me was from the nose to the taste, I couldn't get past an undercurrent of soapiness, like part of a bar of Zest had been dropped in as a finishing agent. So it's with this lousy experience in mind that I can easily say I'll wash my hands of this wine.
Ingredients: 40 percent sylvaner, 30 percent pinot blanc, 15 percent riesling, 15 percent gewurztraminer
Do-over? A solid no
Final Grade: D

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