Kupelwieser Alto Adige Pinot Grigio

Country: Italy
Thoughts: Finally, a day of rest; Jim Zorn's a morning person and enjoys starting his practices at 8:30 a.m. I am not and I do not. But I have Thursday off, so I'll be able to sleep in - and what better way to celebrate than adding another wine to the list. (We're closing in on 100 already.) So on with it: I can't imagine I'm the only one who finds it odd that a wine from Italy is named Kupelwieser, a more German example than even my own last name - which is plenty German enough. The wine was just as odd, starting out with a nose dominated by smokiness. Not in an overpowering way, but it was clearly the dominant note. The taste was dry and mostly blah. On the first sip, I experienced something I thought I was done with - butteriness - on the finish. I shivered. Fortunately, it smoothed out and the butter finish disappeared after a few sips, but the experience, as a whole, was no better than when I started.
Do-over? Can't see it happening

Final Grade: C

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