Kris Pinot Grigio '06

Country: Italy
Thoughts: For only the second time in the history of this blog, I was unable to secure a picture of the bottle. That's because this sample came off a wine list at Sweetwater Tavern, which happened to be the same place I proposed to my wife and where we found ourselves - along with my mom and dad - on Saturday night. Given the success of the only other time we've been in this situation, Kris seemed like it would be a winner; not so, unfortunately. The nose was very muted, making it impossible for me to pick out any distinguishing characteristics - hell, any characteristics at all, really - but the wine had been chilled considerably, likely contributing to the problem. I caught faint whiffs of some pinot grigio-ness, but it was really hard to tell anything. (Yes, normally my nose isn't great, but at least I can pick out something.) The taste was quite lively at first, almost to the point of being overbearing. The telltale fruitiness was apparent, though it was overshadowed by a dryness - though not a mouth-puckering variety, it was enough to drown out any other flavors the wine may have offered. The dry finish was much more welcome, though it served merely as a bright finish to an otherwise dull wine. In truth, it had barely any characteristics of a pinot grigio and fell well short of the PG experience that I've come to enjoy.
Do-over? Nope - better alternatives available
Final Grade: C-

-- EDITED to add a picture taken during a fortuitous trip to World Market.

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